About Us

Wrigleyville’s swell of businesses, pubs, restaurants, and boutiques draws visitors from around the globe and entertains an unparalleled social scene. MyWrigleyville.com caters to this one-of-a-kind neighborhood by providing community centric information, a social network for neighborhood residents and visitors, and a soapbox for local businesses.

MyWrigleyville is THE lifestyle hub of this fun and young-at-heart neighborhood.


What We Offer

MyWrigleyville is as unique as the community it serves. Hosting several databases of Wrigleyville intelligence, MyWrigleyville.com is a one-stop-shop for a great meal, deal, or night out.

MyWrigleyville combines the functionality of a neighborhood directory, calendar, and social network. Users are able to find their new neighborhood favorite bar, restaurant, or boutique thanks to our business reviews, complete with member comments.

Knowledge is power and MyWrigleyville puts control back in the hands of the consumer, where it belongs.